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"A modern masterpiece!"

– GAVIN WOOD, Radio/TV Personality.


"Adventurous and epic."

– FORREST REDLICH, Founder Westside Television Group.


"Unmissable... so damn good."

– WENDY SQUIRES, Journalist.


"A breath of fresh air..."

– IAN "MOLLY" MELDRUM, Music Critic.


"An incredible artist."

– DAVID J HOLMAN, Record Producer.


"Perfect. A quantum leap."

– BILLY PINNELL, Music Journalist.


"Kingwell is the real deal."

– MEREDITH CHINN, Red Bull Records.


"A trailblazer. A true artist."

– ROBERT VOSGIEN, Capitol Records.


"Phenomenal. Fresh."


Photos by Dean Karr.

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