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Dennis The Menace & philanthropcat VELVET, call SOS For Feral Cat Friends.

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Radio show “Just Another Menace Sunday”, shines a light on Feral Cat Care in the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. You know you’re sharing the planet with some good humans, when an esteemed icon of radio, with an impressive career spanning four or so decades, including: a noteable debut at 13, as “New York’s Youngest D.J.” with his own “Top 25” show on the first U.S. cable radio station, frequent interviews with worlds biggest rock stars for likes of the “Rolling Stone Continuous History of Rock and Roll” and his own syndicated radio shows, plus a busy role as Founder / Creative Director of DTM Radio Networks and PopCult Radio… … that guy… when he offers to deviate from an established broadcast format and recording protocols, in the name of Helping Homeless Feral Cats in his local area, that is one seriously likeable fellow passenger on Spaceship Earth. That radio icon is Dennis The Menace, and the female behind the legend, is one gorgeous fluffy black philanthropcat, who answers to the name of “Velvet”. The plight of homeless cats is a cause is close to both hearts, having found each other in a shelter, where a patient Velvet had waited 8 long months for her human soul mates to walk through the door. But it was well worth the wait when Dennis and daughter Kate, swept her off her paws and into their home for a life of love and luxury. Her history prior to shelter life remains unknown however, and likely includes some difficult time on the streets. Not the kind of cats to take the past, nor subsequent good fortune for granted, Dennis and Velvet, kindly offered their airtime to help save feral friends. For the first time ever, deviating from the preferred intimacy and sound quality of an in person interview, for an Aussie to USA Skype call to chat about my “Sunshine” IndieGoGo Fundraiser set up to help the Feral Cat Foundation care for homeless cats in their area. In another historic first, Dennis completely rearranged his “Just Another Menace Sunday” syndication setup, to create a “hybrid” version, broadcasting our interview specially to local stations, with a regular version of the show beaming to other Countries and U.S. States. To hear our chat and find out how you can help Feral Cats, TUNE IN to…..  KEGR RADIO 97.7, Concord CA. at 10pm PDT, Friday October 10th, and; Best Frequencies Forever in San Francisco at 8am PDT, Sunday October 12th. Following our chat, I was awarded the honour of programming music for the remainder of the hour. Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers! Don’t touch that dial, ’cause we’ll be serving up an incredible musical sandwich. Which happens to double as a public dissection of my deepest psyche, DNA code and possible alien celluar structure. Quite frankly I was blown away when told I was to be entrusted, without limitation, to drive the airwaves belonging to this respected, rare breed of DJ, who’s highly anticipated playlists are built the way they should be, (but so often aren’t these days) on pure heart and the discerning, solid gut instinct of a native New Yorker. I spent a delightful and invigorating afternoon trawling my record collection to find 14 tracks for you. On completion, I felt as though I’d spent the day visiting the most valuable, life changing friends I’ll ever know. I’m not going to tell you which 14 songs I selected. I want you to tune in and take the ride. But back to the cats for a minute… Having adopted a feral born kitten, self-appointed “Feral Cat Ambassador” TIGER KINGWELL, I am fully qualified to enthusiastically recommend these special, sensitive, beautiful…

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