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Leanne Kingwell in High Definition

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Leanne Kingwell’s “Choking On Halos” and “Show Ya What” albums are now available in HD at OPEN LIVE. The OpenLIVE website has now launched to the public and Leanne Kingwell was invited to be part of Beta Testing for the new “Home of High Definition Music”. Visit to check it out! WEBSITE: iTUNES: AMAZON:

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Pandora thumbs up ‘Show Ya What’

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Pandora sent me a Love Letter: Dear Leanne, We are excited to let you know that your submission for “Show Ya What” has been approved. We’ll reach out to you again when it has been added to the Music Genome Project and begins playing on Pandora. Thanks, The Pandora Curation Team. It’s not easy for an independent artist to get their music accepted by and added to this internet giant. Pandora has some serious gate keeping and quality control in place to maintain their position as the biggest and best internet radio service in the world. Their website states: “while we feel a great affection and respect for everyone who makes the choice to create, the reality is that the majority of the music or comedy we receive does not get selected.” ‘Choking On Halos’ is already on Pandora Radio and it will be interesting to see what “genes” their team of professorial musicologists assign to the debut solo album ‘Show Ya What’. Website: iTunes: Amazon: Pandora: ‪ Spotify: ‬

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