My Best Friend rocks the USA

By Animal Rescue, Cats, Feral Cats, Interview

Thanks to ‘Best Friends’ Magazine (USA) for featuring the story of how my rescued feral cat, Tiger, and I found each other and true love in their January/February 2015 edition: EXCERPT: “Tiger sent me a telepathic message to find him. I drove an hour out of town to a complete stranger’s house. The father of the girl who had rescued a litter of feral kittens answered the door with: “Leanne! What are you doing here?” PDF of the magazine here (go to pg. 69): http://cdn.coverstand.com/12453/237843/56beb3bfce15332ada2b5766cd8766f485450adc.2.pdf   Or read the full unedited version on my blog here:  https://yellingatthetv.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/my-valentine-is-a-telepathic-tiger/  

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