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Sunshine shining on US radio.

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Heating up the US airwaves with “Sunshine”. Cutting edge College station KACV have given “SUNSHINE” the thumbs up from Amarillo, Texas. Brian L Frank, KACV Program Director says: “Fabulously hooky – grabs you from the opening line and won’t let go!  So you dance, nod your head or whatever turns you on to it, and then it’s over. My advice is to play it again and again and again…!” And San Francisco Radio Icon Dennis “The Menace” of  DTM Radio Networks/PopCult, says: “If you are looking for another pop diva, then you can skip Leanne Kingwell. If you are looking for powerful, anthemic female Aussie accented rock with hooks, layered but not over distorted vocals that most definitely don’t fade into the background and when heard live, sure to get festival crowds fist-pumping…  Dig her out of the stack in the near future.”  “SUNSHINE” is enjoying recent and repeat plays in a growing number of states including: 101.1FM RIFF 2 (Detroit, MI), KACV FM90 (Amarillo, TX), Indie 103.1 (Los Angeles, CA), WSUM (Madison WI), WKZQ 96.1 (Myrtle Beach, SC), New Rock 104.7 (Fresno, CA), DTM Radio Network (syndicated in 5 US states & internationally), IND.FM & KX 93.5 (Laguna Beach, CA), KEBF (Morro Bay, CA)… and more. All this support helped us climb a couple of ranks on the KKBB Specialty Charts: KKBB Specialty Album/Artist Chart Rank: #14 KKBB Specialty Singles Chart Rank: #12 THANK YOU Dead Air Dave – Dead Air Dave Time, Dennis The Menace – Just another Menace Sunday, Tim Pyles – FTP, Naughty Dog – The Indie Show, Jade Springart – Undercover Sound System, Mase – The Flight Test and  Bruce Rave – Go Deep for your support.   WEBSITE: iTUNES: AMAZON:

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Turn on, tune in… rock out, America… ♩♬♪

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Kicked off well at US Radio this week with airplay across several states… plus two “bonus” countries. “THIS HIGH” hitched a ride in the ethers with Dennis The Menace on “Just Another Menace Sunday”. Syndicated on the DTM Radio Network across San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Gothenburg, Sweden, New Zealand and more… this adds two “bonus” countries to our radio reach. “SUNSHINE” enjoyed spins in Los Angeles from the FTP Show on IND.FM, also on KX93.5, Laguna Beach and KEBF 97.3, Morro Bay, CA. Thanks for your support Early Adopters… Great Leaders create more Great Leaders! Special round of applause to Dennis The Menace, for jumping in first. True to form stated on Menace Attic Website : “if DTM thinks it’s great songwriting, and melody, adding up to the kind of music that makes him say “Omigod!”, he plays it – usually days after he gets it! Which means that the audience tends to hear a lot of “firsts” and they like it that way!”  Omigod! Thanks for the thumbs up, DTM. IN OTHER NEWS… Carrie Fisher and William Shatner replied to my Tweet (see pic). The moment was surreal and magical. I’m no Sci-Fi expert, but believe it safe to say, a personal tweet from Princess Leia and Captain Kirk is a Sci-Fi Jackpot of sorts. Excuse me while I add “Best Friends With Intergalactic Royalty” to my curriculum vitae.   WEBSITE: iTUNES:

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Hope inside Pandora’s Box.

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According to the myth, after Pandora opened the box, she closed it again, leaving only hope inside. According to fact, Leanne Kingwell’s entire “Choking On Halos” album has been added to Pandora Radio. In April 2013 Pandora Radio announced that their radio streaming service had passed 200 million users. At the time of writing, Wikipedia states that Pandora has “about a 70% share of the internet radio market in the U.S.”  You probably already know what a revolutionary, internationally renowned music discovery platform Pandora Radio has created. But you may not be aware of how difficult it is for an independent artist to get their music accepted by and added to this internet giant. Naturally, they have some serious gate keeping and quality control in place to maintain their position as the biggest and best internet radio service in the world. Pandora’s own website states: “while we feel a great affection and respect for everyone who makes the choice to create, the reality is that the majority of the music or comedy we receive does not get selected.” Having the whole “Choking On Halos” album accepted into Pandora’s “Music Genome Project” is a huge win and an exciting endorsement for an independent Australian artist who’s dedicated her life to, and spent just about every penny she’s ever earned, on making music. The Music Genome Project is described on Pandora’s website as being “the most sophisticated taxonomy of musical information ever collected” which “represents over ten years of analysis by our trained team of musicologists”. Unlike less choosy competitor Spotify, (who accept all music regardless of quality), Pandora Radio “does not use machine-listening or other forms of automated data extraction… each song in the Music Genome Project is analyzed using up to 450 distinct musical characteristics by a trained music analyst.” By manually assigning “genes” to every piece of music on file, Pandora Radio applies both science and heart, to calculate compatible music to play alongside the songs or artists a listener nominates as “station seeds”. Thanks for unleashing my DNA on the world, Pandora. And for leaving me filled with hope. Listen to Leanne Kingwell Radio on PANDORA here:  WEBSITE: iTUNES:

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Start Spreading the News… ♩♬♪

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Kingwell HQ is busy gearing up to announce the US album release of “Choking On Halos”. Campaign to start spreading the news begins Monday 4 August 2014. iTunes American and Australian stores are already jumping with 5 Star Ratings and Reviews. The Deluxe Edition (available on iTunes), includes a digital booklet so you can sing along… and get the words right: Check it here: The result of two years intensive songwriting and recording. Produced in Hollywood by David J Holman (No Doubt, Bush & more). USA meet “Choking On Halos”. “Choking On Halos” meet the USA. Bust out the good crystal and pop the champagne. This baby is just about ready to rock. WEBSITE: iTUNES:

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