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And the winners are… WINNERS of signed “Choking On Halos” Physical CDs: Wendy Em Terry Davis Andrew Micallef Sandro Colantoni Cheryl Leader WINNERS of DIGITAL “Choking On Halos” album: Stewart Snitch Deb Carruthers Kella Male Monty Winters Peter Mobbs Suze Clark Selena Laurence Jodie Harrison Ilona Jean Anne Bindu Lindsay Thanks so much to all who participated.   WEBSITE: iTUNES: AMAZON:

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Radio spins and other wins.

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Making “Sunshine”. College radio station KACV took the leap last week, adding “SUNSHINE” to regular rotation, proving worthy of their catch phrase “Amarillo College’s cutting edge”. Only four songs were added to regular rotation and the other three names on the list were Gerard Way (singer, My Chemical Romance), Broken Bells (Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s band) and the band James, whose excellent track “Laid” was one of the best songs of the nineties. Leanne admits to being a little bit excited about the band James, liking and favoriting her posts and tweets on the radio company she’s keeping. “SUNSHINE” is enjoying repeat plays from early supporters, including 101.1FM Riff 2 Detroit, also adding a few new stations to the growing list, such as KGNU in Boulder, Colorado. Houndstooth Radio, took “SLINGSHOT” for a spin, prompting us to google and happily discover an incredibly cool playlist and radio station. Created and curated by Kurt St. Thomas, I’m told it isn’t easy to catch his ear. Recommended listening. You’ll find Houndstooth Radio here: It’s great to know there’s still decision makers in the music business, willing to take a chance and back their hunches based purely on merit of the music. Thank you to all of those people. The “Choking On Halos” video celebrated an exclusive World Premiere on before announcing the launch of Leanne’s “Other People’s Shoes” peace promotion. Centred on a peace wish embedded in the song and short film she made, the #THISisme #OtherPeoplesShoes campaign intends to focus attention on the value of empathy and goodwill. Timely thoughts for a world at war, fast approaching World Peace Day. Find out how to JOIN in, promote PEACE & WIN here: PRIZES include: Autographed physical CDs, plus digital versions of the “Choking On Halos” album. Meanwhile back in Australia, heartfelt thanks goes to Georgie Fitzergerald (Huon FM), Nick Swainson (Radio Port Douglas) and Julie Reynolds (FIVEaa) for their continued unsolicited and 100% appreciated on-air support.     WEBSITE: iTUNES: AMAZON:

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Let’s play a peaceful game.

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We’re all just pieces of God, choking on halos… In the name of rebellion and an allergy to annoying, expensive, unrealistically glamourous music videos, Leanne Kingwell made a short film called “Other People’s Shoes” to accompany a peace wish embedded in the title track of her “Choking On Halos” album. The feet you’ll see belong to real people with whom we share the planet. Each pair is a soul with a story, coming from “that was then”, on their way to “whatever’s next”. They could be you. They could be me. They could be someone you care about. Peace can only come when we acknowledge we are all one. So let’s join together, promote peace and personalize these feet. Please watch “Other People’s Shoes”. Pick some feet that could be you. Take a SCREENSHOT and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtags #THISisme and #OtherPeoplesShoes. WATCH here: [youtube] Please use both hashtags when you post your [ personalize to promote peace ] screenshot feet and we’ll enter your name in a prize draw, to thank you for helping to spread the message. WIN one of: 5 x “Choking On Halos” Physical CDs.    *Personally addressed, signed and mailed to winners. 20 x DIGITAL “Choking On Halos” albums to be won.    *Winners choice of mp3 or high res WAV files. Includes Digital Booklet. LIKE and SHARE is not compulsory to qualify your entry, but is highly encouraged if you’d like to help get the world thinking about ‘other people’s shoes’ too. Have fun finding “your” shoes… Look closely. Pick the feet that touch your heart or make you smile. Multiple entries welcome, so choose the horse AND the blind man with cane if both are poetry for you. To quote the song “Choking On Halos”: “We’re saints, we sin, ’cause everybody, wants to win. But you can’t stand still, thinking you’re right, when everybody just wants to stay alive. And you can’t believe we should all get along, then turn around and say that the other side’s wrong. We’re all just pieces of God, “Choking On Halos”, we’re all just here to learn whatever we don’t already know.” FINE PRINT: Entries are now open and close midnight Oct 1, 2014 (PDT). Multiple entries welcome, providing you post a different screen shot from “Other People’s Shoes” video for each entry. Your post will be located via the hashtags for entry into Prize Draw. Be sure to include both tags #THISisme #OtherPeoplesShoes to qualify for prize draw entry. Please ensure privacy setting on post is public, so your entry can be located for prize draw entry. Winners drawn Oct 2, and announced on Leanne Kingwell Music’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.     WEBSITE: iTUNES: AMAZON:

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